Our energy
for the future

2021 Sustainability Report

Letter to stakeholders

The transition to renewable sources appears to be the only sustainable solution, not only environmentally but also economically and socially, to overcome the crisis, ensure greater energy security for the country and reduce price volatility.

Dear readers,
One year later, we are facing a rather different scenario from the one described in the letter of the last Sustainability Report. The past two years, marked by the advent of the pandemic, have been an unprecedented experience that has caused significant discontinuity in people’s daily lives and in the social and economic life of the country.

Marco Cantamessa
Marco Cantamessa Chairman CVA
Giuseppe Argirò
Giuseppe Argirò Chief Executive Officer CVA
Enrico De Girolamo
Enrico De Girolamo General Manager CVA

About us

The strength of the CVA Group lies in the continuously growing production of 100% renewable energy from hydroelectric, wind and photovoltaic power plants. The Group operates across the entire energy supply chain: production, sales and distribution.

Integrated Plan

With the aim of further strengthening its sustainability journey, the CVA Group has defined an integrated strategy with which to combine corporate growth and environmental and social sustainability, aimed at long-term value creation.

We are the energy of the future

Climate change at a point of no return: 2021 was the hottest year ever. One of today’s most important challenges to preserving the health of the Planet is achieving climate neutrality. CVA is committed to fostering the energy transition in the Aosta Valley.

billion of kWh produced from renewable sources only
in hydropower producers in Italy
thousand tonnes of CO2 avoided with the production of energy from renewable sources
hydroelectric power plants in the Aosta Valley
wind farms in Aosta Valley, Tuscany, Lazio, Campania and Apulia
photovoltaic plants in Aosta Valley and Piedmont
MW of new installed capacity by 2026
million of planned investments in 2022-2026
(including €416.7 million for new renewable generation facilities)
GW of total installed capacity to 2026

Our most valuable resource

Climate change and water resource protection are two challenges that go hand in hand. Working with water, therefore, entails a huge responsibility, as it represents a key resource for securing the future. For this reason, CVA is constantly committed to its protection, minimising the impact of its hydroelectric power plants and guarding with great care vast water assets through its dams.

dams in the Aosta Valley
hydroelectric power plants
million m3 the total useful reservoir capacity of dams
(equal to half the water consumed every day in Italy)
of checks on the Minimum Vital Flow with positive results
CVA’s new portal for water basin monitoring
Basin cleaning
an experiment from a circular perspective

Reliable and resilient

CVA has developed a scheduled maintenance process to ensure constant monitoring of power generation facilities. In fact, continuous monitoring through technologically advanced solutions and timely plant maintenance work are a key factor in guaranteeing proper plant operation, ensuring service continuity and preventing post-damage interventions, ensuring maximum output and work safety.

million invested in electromechanical and civil engineering activities, during the three-year period 2019-2021
More than
inspections and controls of civil, hydraulic and electromechanical works
operating hours for investment and maintenance in 2021
of the dams is manned by guardians on site 24/7
of wind turbines remotely monitored 24/7 with prompt on-site intervention 365 days a year in case of downtime
delle turbine eoliche monitorate da remoto 24/7, con pronto intervento in sito 365 giorni l’anno in caso di fermo
of photovoltaic plants monitored remotely during daylight hours 365 days a year

Close to the communities

The CVA Group provides support to the community and is a reference point for the area in which it has its roots. The value generated involves creating jobs, feeding the supply chain through the use of local suppliers, and providing reliable and efficient service.

million the economic value distributed
million in payments to the Public Administration for derivation fees
million turnover destined to local suppliers
customers served in 2021
of instalments granted to domestic customers aimed at the Aosta Valley community

Full of energy

The expertise and motivation of CVA people are the ingredient for the Group’s success: the willpower of the collaborators has made it possible to always ensure the continuity of the company’s operations, even in the face of the unforeseen events of recent years.
Therefore, CVA takes care of its people, ensuring the protection and well-being of all.

years the average age
temporary workers
Diversity index
for an inclusive policy in the company
hours of safety training
accidents out of more than 982,600 hours worked
occupational illnesses recorded in the last 3 years

Capable of innovating

The CVA Group’s operations and investments are geared towards a future in which new technologies and renewable energy production will have increasingly positive environmental, economic and social impacts.

Energy Community
first trial of self-generation of energy in Aosta
new in-house software programs for more smart and resilient plants
CyberSecurity Governance
by the end of 2022
sites where satellite monitoring of works has been initiated
Aosta Valley, Carbon-Free
by 2040
charging stations installed in the territory of the Aosta Valley