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Sustainability Report 2022

Letter to stakeholders

We are committed to having a positive impact on the world through sustainable practices. Together, we will build a better, more resilient future in harmony with the planet. 

Dear readers,
The year that has just ended has highlighted more than ever the extent to which climate change requires institutions and companies to invest decisively in long-term adaptation strategies.

About us

CVA is among the leading energy service providers in Italy. The Group’s core business lies in the production of 100% renewable electricity. The Sustainability Report is built on the consolidated corporate perimeter that refers to the companies: CVA, Valdigne Energie, CVA Eos, CVA Energie and Deval. As of 2023, the CVA Group will be expanded to include new production companies: SR Investimenti, Agreen Energy, CVA Smart Energy and Bonifiche Ferraresi. 

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The 2023-2027 Integrated Plan

CVA’s Integrated Plan combines corporate development with environmental and social sustainability in order to generate shared value and contribute to the energy transition. Through an approach based on specific courses of action, the Group aims to achieve concrete results in the long term.

The challenges we face

2022 marked a step backwards in the energy timetable. The CVA Group is playing a role in the Valle d’Aosta decarbonisation strategy, through a project that supports electrification, renewable energy development and energy efficiency.

+200 Mln€

investment to 2026 for safe assets

+804 MW

estimated renewable capacity by 2027 

-1 Million

tonnes of CO₂ avoided in 2022

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We are the energy of the future

CVA is a leader in the hydroelectric sector in Italy. In 2022 the Group also further strengthened its presence in photovoltaic solar power generation. The growth of solar and wind generation is a key pillar of CVA’s strategy to mitigate climate change risks through greater technological diversification.

2,063 GWh

net hydropower production in 2022


large CVA dams


CVA hydroelectric power plants


tonnes of CO2 avoided with hydropower


CVA photovoltaic modules


CVA wind farms

We are reliable and innovative

In 2022 CVA invested EUR 36 million to maintain and renovate its facilities, highlighting the importance of the safety and efficiency of its assets. Through regular checks and preventive maintenance, the Group ensures high levels of safety and efficiency along the entire value chain.

36.5 Mln€

invested in the maintenance of CVA’s facilities


transformer water analyses


in-house software programmes for smart installations


inverters replaced on photovoltaic systems

500 kWh

of second life batteries


charging stations for electric vehicles in the Valle d’Aosta

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We are full of energy

In 2022, CVA strengthened employee welfare by investing in corporate welfare and promoting training. Its supply chain was strengthened, favouring local suppliers to promote local economic growth. In a year as challenging as 2022, CVA’s customers benefited from extraordinary initiatives, both in the energy and social fields.


total Group employees


open-ended contracts


new hires in 2022


the hiring rate in 2022


hours of training and refresher courses


customers served