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Innovation and safety for hydropower

In the light of the serious energy and climate crisis we are currently experiencing, efficient and well-maintained power plants are of even greater strategic value. In 2022, the CVA Group invested over EUR 36 million in the maintenance and renovation of its facilities.

Continuous maintenance

  • predictive and timely maintenance of power plants
  • 90 checks on the functionality of the generators’ electrical protections
  • 40 thermographic analyses of major electrical components
  • 43 checks on voltage reducers 
  • dedicated remote control operations room 
  • unified electromechanical plant management process with installation of new automated systems designed in-house

Projects in 2022

  • continuous monitoring of the release of the Minimum Vital Flow at La Salle
  • automation of sluice gate handling at Quincinetto
  • use of phased array ultrasound field inspection methodology at the Champagne I ducts
  • rockfall defence works at the Cignana dam
  • Lake Gabiet dam
  • risk mapping and early warning activation
  • satellite techniques for geological and structural monitoring


Innovation and safety for solar and wind power

  • complete overhaul of 100% of the inverters on its photovoltaic systems
  • maintenance and reblading plan on Piansano wind turbine blades
  • inspection and maintenance of wind turbines using drones

A more secure and resilient grid*

  • update of the Grid Resilience Plan and recalculation of risk indices
  • installation of new anchoring devices
  • burying of aerial distribution lines
  • memorandum of understanding with the Regional Civil Protection for emergency management
  • Grid emergency plan
  • completion of the revamping of the remote monitoring system
projects implemented by Deval, CVA’s distribution company



million in investments


meters to be replaced

CVA's carbon footprint

Each year CVA monitors its consumption and seeks to make it more efficient, with the aim of reducing climate-changing emissions and overall environmental impacts directly under its control.


of the Group’s energy consumption from renewable sources in 2022


tonnes of CO2 equivalent emitted according to the market-based method


tonnes of CO2 avoided through RES generation


Electric mobility projects

In 2022, CVA, in cooperation with Be Charge and Eni Plenitude, worked to strengthen the infrastructure necessary for the development of electric mobility in Valle d’Aosta. In addition, through the project “Application of Second-Life Batteries for Energy Storage of Renewable Energy Plants – BESS-2L” is testing the possibility of reusing second-life batteries for stationary energy storage, thanks to a 1 MWh electrochemical storage system connected to a hydroelectric power plant


EVCs installed and rebranded in cooperation 
with Be Charge


wallboxes installed in the Brengon car park
in La Magdeleine

500 kWh

of automotive-derived second life batteries